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About Us

Digital technologies and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are now an essential tool for promoting competitiveness, job creation, sustainable development, and overall poverty reduction. A combination of widespread access to broadband and a robust ICT services ecosystem can offer a powerful platform for reducing poverty, improving human development and increasing government transparency and efficiency. Digital technologies are transforming the way people, businesses and governments communicate, transact, and access information and services, which has potential to drive entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth and break down barriers of distance and cost in the delivery of services.

In recognition of the promising benefits enabled by ICTs and digital technologies, the Government of Malawi is implementing the Digital Malawi Program in partnership with the World Bank Group to support a comprehensive, long-term investment in Malawi’s digital transformation. The program seeks to leverage digital technologies to drive economic growth, innovation and job creation, access to services, information and markets, and to increase government efficiency and transparency. Recognizing the importance of strengthening analogue enablers in parallel to investing in digital infrastructure and technological adoption, the program is implemented over two phases of support.

The first phase—the Malawi Digital Foundations Project with a budget of US$72.4 million, focuses on laying foundations for digital connectivity, market competitiveness, digital skills, and digital services delivery infrastructure. The second phase—the Malawi Digital Acceleration Project—will focus on leveraging improved connectivity and public digital service delivery capacity to accelerate growth expansion of digital services offering across sectors. Currently, the program is being implemented under the first phase of activities comprised of four components: Digital Ecosystem, Digital Connectivity (i.e. digital infrastructure), Digital Platforms and Services (e.g. e-Government), and overall Project Management.

Management Team

Our management team comprises of professionals in various fields of business. 

Mr. Chimwemwe Matemba

The project manager

Mr. Isaac Chimutu

The project Procurement Specialist

Mr. Daniel Masiye

The Finance manager

Mr. Victor Funsani

The Digital Technical Specialist


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