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Project Overview

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Components Overview

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is now globally recognized as an essential tool for promoting competitiveness, job creation, sustainable development, and overall poverty reduction. A combination of widespread access to broadband and a robust ICT services ecosystem can offer a powerful platform for reducing poverty, improving human development and increasing government transparency and efficiency.

ICTs have the potential to transform business and government – driving entrepreneurship, innovation and economic growth and breaking down barriers of distance and cost in the delivery of services. It is in recognition of this that the Government of Malawi is implementing a new project in the realm of ICT – the Digital Malawi Project.

Digital Ecosystems

Reduced broadband prices, high quality and improved availability of government ICT services.

Digital Platforms and services

Will enable government create a new shared ICT infrastructure which will allow MDAs to host information systems within it.

Digital Connectivity

Improve ICT for the public and private sectors, ICT governance, government services and facilitate provision of e-services.

Project Management

Project management, covers operational essentials of implementing the project.