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Digital Platforms and Services

Budget of US$23.9 million

Increased access to affordable, high quality connectivity will create an opportunity to transform the way that the government conducts its business and provides services to citizens using digital technology.  Offering public services through mobile and online platforms can create significant benefits to citizens who must otherwise travel great distances and spend significant time and resources to access services.  This is particularly important for Malawi’s rural residents who may lack access to public transport and quality roads but are likely to have access to a mobile phone.  Likewise, digital platforms offer opportunities to deliver new categories of services and transactions such as digital cash transfers under social protection or payroll schemes, lowering administrative and logistical barriers and reducing opportunities for corruption.  Digital information and communications systems are also increasingly important tools for government to efficiently and transparently manage its internal operations.  The aim of component 3 is to build the core infrastructure and capacity necessary to support digital public service delivery and to enhance the efficiency of the government’s internal operations.  This activity will be achieved through; strengthening institutional capacity to deliver digital services and shared digital public services delivery platform


Digital Platforms and Services


The project is procuring an Electronic Document and Records Management system for the National Achieves in order to help easily

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