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Grievances Redress Mechanism

This Grievances Redress Mechanism (GRM) has been prepared for the Digital Malawi Foundations Project, which is being implemented by the Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) with overall oversight from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MoICT).


The purpose of this GRM is to provide a set of procedures and guidelines on how to handle and resolve complaints, concerns, queries from different stakeholders and beneficiaries that are likely to be affected by or have an interest in the project activities. The GRM will also provide a feedback mechanism for stakeholders with the intention of improving implementation of activities

Project Aim

The overall aim of the Digital Foundations Project is to extend and improve access to critical ICT infrastructure for the public and private sectors; improve ICT governance; improve access to government services; and reduce infrastructure costs by providing reliable, fast and adaptive government digital systems that will facilitate provision of e-services thereby enhancing public service delivery.

Objectives of the Grievance Redress Mechanism

Grievances are useful indicators of a project’s performance. The aim of this Grievance Redress Mechanism is: 


 To provide a leeway to receive grievances, dissatisfaction, concerns or feedback from project affected people (or those likely to be affected) and the general public on project design and implementation;


To provide procedures for resolving and addressing project related grievances and concerns;


To facilitate effective communication between the project and affected persons and the general public


As per requirement, we have constituted a Grievance Redress Mechanism Committee which is there to address the complaints and concerns that may be reported as and when they arise. Channels have been put in place for receiving complaints from affected parties. The Project through the committee has designed a mechanism for receiving comments, feedback and complaints from stakeholders and the affected individuals. Project affected parties (individuals and/or communities) and interested public are encouraged to present their complaints or grievances formally through a form labelled Grievance Log -Form I  Besides this, the Project has also put in place a mobile phone and email address specifically assigned for the GRM purposes. The phone number and email address are as below: 


Grievance Reporting Form