Digital Skills Development and Innovation

  1. Digital Skills Gap Assessment and Strategy Formulation

Aimed at assessing the digital divide in the country and formulating a strategy to help address those gaps.

  1. Digital Skills Grant

US$ 2 million dollars has been budgeted for digital skills grants. These grants are being disbursed to Tech hubs and Innovation Centers to help close the digital gap in the country through digital skills training (such as; ICT Basics, Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, graphics design etc) and incubation and acceleration of startups with an ICT component. The trainings are targeting the youth and women country wide that lack the required resources for education.   

  1. 250 Digital Skills Computers

The 250 digital skills computers are part of the digital skills grants which are being distributed to the allocated tech hubs to help in meeting the specified targets for the activity.

  1. Online Digital Skills training

The online digital skills training activity is being implemented as a COVID-19 response to train as many youths as possible online in different digital skills courses, including business related. An online platform will be made available, where all the interested students will be required to register and learn for free from well qualified lectures.

  1. Mass ICT Literacy

In recognizing the gap there is in using different technologies within the country, the project will implement the ICT Mass Literacy program to reach out to the poor and elderly in the villages, to train and educate them on how to use these technologies, such ATMs, mobile money etc.