Killowe (Centre) presents a certificate to a graduate as Gondwe looks on.

The Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) under the Digital Malawi Project (DIGMAP) has reaffirmed its commitment to bringing the digital gap and fostering economic growth among the youths in the country through the implementation of the Digital Skills Development and Innovation initiative called ‘Luntha ndi Chuma’.

Speaking during the symbolic presentation of certificates to graduates from Ntha Foundation, one of the technical (tech) hubs under the Luntha ndi Chuma on Monday in Lilongwe, DIGMAP Assistant Procurement Specialist (Tech Hub) Panganani Killowe said the Luntha ndi Chuma is building human capacity by equipping the youths with digital and entrepreneurship skills fit for the labour market, businesses as well as solving local problems.

He further emphasized that the initiative is opening the way for the graduated tech enthusiasts to participate in the digital space which is key in today’s world as well as in the attainment of the Malawi 2063.

“Through tech hubs, the Luntha ndi Chuma is building human capacity by equipping the youths with the requisite digital and entrepreneurship skills in the digital era. Companies and businesses are in dire need of young tech enthusiasts to solve problems and promote their business with these vital skills”, said Killowe.

Killowe urged the graduates to continue pushing their limits to unlock more opportunities in the rapidly evolving technological world. He then commended Ntha Foundation for complementing the DIGMAP effort in tackling Malawi’s digital literacy and advancing ICT skills gaps.

Ntha Foundation Chief Operations Officer Victor Gondwe said the training under the Luntha ndi Chuma targeted 145 youths who were drilled in digital and entrepreneurship skills.

“Through our phase 3 of the Digital Skills Development and Innovation Grants training, we managed to build the capacity of these youths to become capable ICT users who can innovatively apply their skills in their business endeavors and also find jobs that require ICT literacy”, said Gondwe.

One of the graduated youths who is also an entrepreneur, Mercy Biliat said the training has sharpened her digital and entrepreneurship skills such that the skills are crucial to her business.

“Initially, I lacked basic knowledge of computer packages, branding, and social media marketing. But now, I can effectively apply the skills in my business”, she said.

The Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) under DIGMAP is implementing the ‘Luntha ndi Chuma’ initiative with funding from the World Bank through technical (tech) hubs.

The initiative aims to help tackle Malawi’s digital literacy and advanced ICT skills gaps; strengthen the digital innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem; and advance job creation, entrepreneurship, and creativity, particularly for the youth.